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Into The Balkans : Nature Walk in Vintgar Gorge | Slovenia

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Vintgar Gorge is known as Soteska Vintgar’ or ‘Blejski Vintgar’ 

This ravine in the immediate vicinity of Gorje, approximately 4 km north-west of Bled, was discovered by Jakob Žumer, the Major of Gorje, and the cartographer and photographer Benedikt Lergetporer in 1891. The natural form of the gorge was impassable, but was soon arranged and opened for public due to the tourist development of Bled which took place already in those days. Due to its natural beauty, Vintgar was classified among the more important tourist sights in Slovenia and the number of visitors increases every year. 

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The Vintgar gorge also includes two man-made sights. The single-arch stone bridge of the Bohinj railway, constructed in 1906, which crosses the gorge 33.5 m above the trail, and the dam from which the water is routed to the small Vintgar hydroelectric power plant under the Šum waterfall. (copypaste)

Location: Slovenia


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